Kristen Herrington

Curating legacy leaving stories through art

Kristen Herrington is an award-winning painter, podcaster, writer, event host and owner of Togetherland Art Gallery whose creative spirit knows no bounds. She invites viewers to join her in celebrating the beauty of the ordinary and the magic of shared experiences. Kristen has a particular interest in curating immersive experiences that amplify sensory and community bonds. 

"Kristen is an artist in every sense of the word - her mediums span not just on canvas and furniture but in the art of conversation,the art of facilitating, the art of curating creative events and most remarkably, her ability to build community. I have had the immense pleasure of witnessing her wear all of these artist hats and weave them together in the most masterful way. She is a renaissance woman who will be making waves for many years to come," - Steph McNamara, Curiosity Club