About Togetherland

Togetherland Art Gallery is a place for EVERYONE to be together! We share ideas, the space, and creativity.

About me

I am an artist with single-sided-deafness and through my adaptation experience, have realized how many more people live with invisible illnesses, disabilities and barriers.

About you and me

Let’s work together to reduce some of those barriers!

I am currently being trained by Sensory Friendly Solutions, a B Corp Certified social enterprise on a mission to make the world more sensory-friendly, accessible and inclusive.  With their support and training, I will soon be able to provide my audience at Togetherland with sensory-considerate art shows and online courses. I will implement my learning to the physical and virtual spaces of Kristen Herrington Art with the recognition that perfect doesn’t exist and there is always room to grow.

What to expect at Togetherland

Currently, Togetherland is outfitted with:

- A wheelchair ramp at the main entrance (stroller use, not certified for wheelchairs yet!)

- At least 36” between tables in the space.

- 36” wide clearance in the main door way.

- Two toilets, that are only accessible by stairs, one floor below the main space. There is a staircase with 10 (fairly steep) steps that lead to the downstairs section of the gallery. There are handrails on each side.  Each washroom is outfitted with a single toilet, door that closes and locks, both a cloth hand towel and paper towels to dry your hands and basic toiletries (tampons, hand cream, mouth wash) should you need them. Each space is gender neutral and has a mirror.

- Overhead lights are fluorescent, if you prefer that they are turned off, please make a request (kristenherrington.art@gmail.com), or let me know when you arrive, and I will turn them off and provide lamp lighting only.

- Soft seating area for up to three people at a time. I have an armless futon with cushions and blankets that can fit up to three bodies. I also have an IKEA brand arm chair that has a soft, wide seat suitable for one person.

- Sound. Music plays daily. If you prefer that music is turned off or down, please make a request (kristenherrington.art@gmail.com) or let me know when you arrive. 

- Parking is ample! There is a very large lot that can accommodate approximately 25 vehicles. You can also park your car on the shoulder of the road on the gallery side.

Private, custom visits

I offer private visits to the gallery, by appointment, if you prefer quiet spaces with less social interaction. I will accommodate your visit as best I can and will be learning about specific barriers over the next number of months. My art shows are often sensory stimulating (flashing lights, interactive, immersive) but accommodations can be made for individual visits. Please let me know how I can best support your experience.

Kids & Pets

Some areas are kid-friendly, others are more delicate! I do not host events specifically for kids, but they are welcome to attend with the accompaniment of an adult. Pets can be tied up outdoors on the ramp railing OR are welcome inside on a leash.

- The Togetherland Beach is about a 2-minute walk down an inclined trail. We have an app that can tell you about tide levels. The trail is established but has roots and turns, so watch your step. Lots of birds, seals and swimming! Great for kiddos and pets.

- The not so kid-pet friendly parts are my studio space and I ask that you please don’t touch the artwork on the walls and the Erla Chaise on display.

Special Events

- My events will outline specific details on what to expect when you arrive and I welcome any questions on the infrastructure, upcoming virtual art classes and my training with Sensory Friendly Solutions to be sensory-considerate.  

- Importantly, I will share a notice, if I am able to rent wheelchair accessible portable toilet for events should there be a need.

Reach out (kristenherrington.art@gmail.com) with any questions or feedback about accessibility. I am always learning about different sensory accommodations and invite you to share your experiences on what has worked in other places you may have visited. I appreciate your patience as Togetherland develops both intellectually and physically to welcome you. Let’s do this together!